STRADA X ADDINN | Digitalisation

Founded in 1993, STRADA is a French transport software publisher that supports more than 5000 carriers in their digital transformation thanks to IT solutions for the optimization of the vehicle fleet of transport companies.
In the era of the connected truck, STRADA aims to develop a SaaS Native, Data Driven, and Mobile platform to support its transport customers in the challenge of
exploiting data in real-time.
To do this, ADDINN Group supported STRADA in the SaaSification program of its solutions (Time Management, Tracking, Transport Management System) through the development and deployment of a Web and Mobile digital platform.
Here are some screens of the Web and Mobile application per module :

STRADA X ADDINN | Digitalisation

Strada Time

Dedicated to time management, tachograph and card informations reading, remote unloading, time feedback, etc.

STRADA X ADDINN | Digitalisation

Strada Tracking

An on-board computer-based solution for geolocation an geofencing, driver assistance, exchange of information between transporters and drivers, temperature monitoring, etc

STRADA X ADDINN | Digitalisation

Strada TMS

Dedicated to operations and orders management, tour planning, route optimization, invoicing, vehicle cost control, inventory, etc.