SFA (Safe Flight Academy) X ADDINN | Digitalisation

Founded in 1968, the Tunisian Travel Service group is one of the main private aviation groups in Tunisia. In 2010, the group created an aviation training academy targeting civil society in general and pilots in particular, “Safe Flight Academy”, in partnership with aeronautical professionals and the English company Brookfield Aviation.
By launching a brand new online theoretical training platform, the SFA group wishes to expand its international community and reach students from all over the world.
To this end, the group has used the services of ADDINN Group who did the website revamping, presenting the activities and courses of Safe Flight academy to reach more users around the world. In addition, to achieve SFA’s goals, ADDINN Group also proposed to create a contact space allowing students to ask questions or register for training by e-mail or WhatsApp. ADDINN Group also intervened in defining and implementing a 6-month Digital marketing strategy for the Academy.
Here are some screenshots of the final website design:

SFA (Safe Flight Academy) X ADDINN | Digitalisation