ADDINN Group x ULM | Digitalisation

Union Laitière de la Meuse (ULM), a cooperative agricultural, has been in  business for 20 years. It specializes in the wholesale trade (Business-to-Business) of dairy products, eggs, edible oils, and fats. Over the years, ULM has grown to become a major player in the French dairy industry, with a broad product portfolio and recognized expertise in the sector.

To digitalize its operations, ULM has taken the initiative to develop a web and mobile solution to dematerialize the processes of milk transportation, collection, and distribution processes.

For this purpose, ADDINN Group has developed a web/mobile solution “Lait’s Collect” dedicated to drivers, enabling them to dematerialize milk collection and distribution processes for the Union Laitière de la Meuse.

The main objectives of the mobile application are : – Digitizing drivers’ documents and routes. – Displaying the collected milk volume in relation to the vehicle’s capacity. – Real-time tracking of drivers’ location and activity

ADDINN Group x ULM | Digitalisation